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Master Wang Tao instructs in 3 distinct styles of kung fu. More descriptions and images are located on the Styles section of our web site.

Kung Fu Routine

This is suitable for ages 5 and up. It is a
complicated form of martial arts that will improve balance, strength, and agility by practicing bare-handed, with weapons, and group training. It has been popular in China for thousands of years.

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The students from
Wang Tao Kung Fu USA won 54 golden medals, 10 silver medals and  3 bronze medals in Wushu Sanshou, Taolu and Taiji on 2007  USAWKF National Competition during Aug 3-5 in Houston.



Chinese Free Style Fighting

This is the highest level of Chinese Kung Fu. It is suitable for ages 8
and up. It develops fast and effective attack and defense skills through various training in kicking, punching, wrestling, and holding. It will
improve balance, strength, and agility.


Taiji is a form of kung fu that emphasizes soft, slow, smooth, and
continuous movement. Not only will it improve balance, strength, and
agility, but it can also prevent sickness and prolong life. It has been
popular in China for hundreds of years and is widely acclaimed

An educational program that sharpens the mind and strengthens the body.


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