Master Wang teaches three styles of martial arts. They are Kung Fu Routine, Chinese Free Style Fighting (Sanshou), and Taiji.

Kung Fu Routine (ages 5 and up)

Kung fu routine is the entire practice form of
martial arts movement, which is based on the transformation rule of anatomy movement such
as "attack-defense", "move forward-move back",
"act-stop", "fast-slow", "hard-soft", "false-true", etc. The main content includes fist position, weapon, double combat, and team performance. The
benefits are:

  • It not only provides good exercise but also make your body and mind develop to full scale.
  • It will enhance the hardness of your bones, build a stronger physique, and make more agile joints.
  • Internally, it harmonizes the body's organs, calms nerves, and balances the spirit.
  • Through the practice of martial arts you may grasp the art of attack and defense, such as kick, punch, wrestle, hold, etc. It enhances the body's agility and response.
  • Perseverance in practice can enhance power, retaliate opponent attack, defeat the
    opponent, and win the battle. You will also learn the art of self defense.
  • It can cultivate your willpower, character, boldness, and courage. It is also a good way to cultivate integrity.
  • Through the practice of martial arts and exercise of consideration it can cultivate the kind of moral sentiment such as respect for the teacher, morality, politeness, honestly, and charity.
  • Through training, it can enhance discipline, improve your quality of life, and enhance friendships.

Chinese Boxing/Free Style Fighting (Sanshou) (ages 8 and up)

Sanshou uses the technique of full contact fighting as its main content. This is a confrontational form of wits and skill measure. It conjointly uses your opponent's movement of attack and defense as a distraction. This is the highest embodiment of the essence of Chinese Kung Fu and has unique Chinese cultural features. It effects are as follows:

  • Sanshou enhances the human abilities such as speed, power, agility, and endurance.
  • It strengthens the organs and especially has a great benefit and distinct effect on your nervous systems functionality.
  • Through formal skill practice, it will enhance power. As a result your attack and defense capabilities will become more precise and help you conquer your opponent.
  • It will cultivate people's spirit of strength, determination, and fortitude.
  • It takes exercise to reduce weakness, develop courage, and form your future.
  • Through combat it cultivates modesty and teaches victory without arrogance and loss
    without disappointment.
  • It cultivates team spirit, respect and care of one another while developing friendships.
  • It also has a high appreciation value for the spectator.
  • The practioner will feel the profoundness deeply. It will give people enlightenment and delight.

Taiji (all ages)

Tai Ji Quan, commonly called Tai Chi, literally translates as "Supreme Ultimate Fist", and is a type of martial art performed with fluidity and softness, yet with intention, and circular or curving motions. The sequence of motions or movements are often involved with opening (outward) and closing (inward) actions utilizing the arms and legs. There are different styles if Tai Chi practiced today, and each style has its own special features such as wide forms, small or narrow forms, and variations of graceful and vigorous forms.

The practice of Tai Chi provides many health benefits including the following:

  • A practical exercise for physically weak individuals or patients with chronic illnesses
  • Improves your overall body balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Develops joint mobility, thus providing stronger muscle and tissue functions
  • Stimulates your brain cells, which helps to enhance focus and concentration
  • Stimulates your bowel movements, thus improving the digestive system
  • Can aid in treating hypertension, ulcers, tuberculosis, rheumatic and nervous system
    related problems, and much more


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